Saving young lives with our Childrens Mobile Clinic

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Our Mobile Clinic takes quality healthcare to village children who in were denied access by lack of transport, infrastructure and poverty.

Nkhotakota, Malawi


The children we care for live in villages often 25km from the nearest tarmac road with a further 40km to the nearest hospital. With no money, no transport there is no way a sick child could make the journey. They would suffer and die forgotten, just another sad, anonymous statistic in the child mortality tables in which one child in five would not live to see their fifth birthday.

Our Mobile Clinics operate on a four weekly schedule so everyone knows where they will be on a given day so parents and guardian will travel for up to two days so that their child can receive quality, totally free health care.


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(Guest) Michael Burt
(Guest) Michael Burt
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(Guest) Michael Burt
(Guest) Michael Burt
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